Pura Lifestyle

People need to reconect with their inner bliss. Our aim is to inspire them to blossom all the tools within themselves.

Health, Simplicity and Balance is our core. We promote self-awareness of the body, of relationships and emotions, of mental space, of spirituality and connection. We promote the holistic being in balance with their life and ecosystem.

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We believe the best way to achieve Balance, Simplicity and Health is investing in a equalized Lifestyle in tunned with our single way of living. We offer services to support and encourage happiness and awareness on daily life.

  • Psycology and Yoga | Ana Pereira
  • Integrated Medicine and Acupuncture |  Filipa Bernardo
  • Ayurvedic Therapy, Intuitive Astrology and Multidimensional Therapy |  Michele Pó
  • Ayurvedic Therapy, Numerology and Multidimensional Therapy | Sandra Andrade
  • Body Treatments, Ayurvedic Massage, Hot Stones Massage  |  Stela Alves


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Consultaions, Treatments and Events

  • Filipa Bernardo  |  919033888  |  filipa.m.bernardo@gmail.com
  • Michele Pó  |  961863016  |  michele.po@gmail.com
  • Stela Alves  |  969534524  |  eilhanta@gmail.com